60 Weeks completed… a million memories made



VCU Brandcenter consists of 60 weeks (give or take). When I first set out in August 2007, I thought I knew everything. I told myself I wasn’t there to make friends. I wanted to be the best art director. In less than 2 years I would emerge with an education that many would envy to have. I set out what I intended to do, except I learned early on that I had plenty to learn. What I thought would be easy was hard. What I thought would be hard, was easy. Knowing much about VCU Adcenter before enrolling in the program, I thought I had a 1-up. I used it in my first couple of weeks. Who knew that 4 am would become a normal bed time? Or worrying at 5 am wide awake was normal? Or realizing 5 minutes before a presentation that the work was off strategy? Or that everything I was doing had been done before? Or that the unexpected proved to be the best work? Growing pains. Mini victories. But who knew the pain and happiness would make up a unique education and experience? It was after my internship that I started to get a handle on things. Worry about the things worth worrying about. There were people I grew close to. More importantly, there wasn’t one person who I could honestly say I didn’t like. I would gladly go out my way any day for anyone from my class. Everyone meant something to me. Rick Boyko mentioned at the graduation ceremony that we were the closest class ever to emerge from the Brandcenter. I’ve never felt what I’ve felt to this many people. They are all like brothers and sisters to me. An amazing feeling to have. The faculty and staff at Brandcenter are so true and human. I’m so glad I gave up my full-time job to go to this school. It was the right decision. I needed it after all. It’s funny how the universe has plans in mind for us. Everything happens for a reason. I’m just glad I met so many wonderful people and I will value their friendship for the rest of my life. I’m excited for what’s next. Whatever that may be. I think it could be something really good. Fingers crossed. Will post once I know for certain.


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  1. 1 Leslie Green

    What does it take to get into the BrandCenter? From everything I read it is very very competitive.This is from a student’s mom…daughter is an art history major and linguistics minor (junior) at Emory University excellent grades, A- average, but has worked at musuems in Atlanta during the semester, the met in NYC in the summer and may have a job/internship at working at a large art/auction house this summer (currently in interview phase) who belatedly has decided she would like go into advertising. Probably interested in any of the 5 tracks at VCU, just not art direction. Any suggestions?

    • I hope my email answers your questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. Summing up the most incredible 60 weeks of my life is difficult in one email.

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